Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There are generally more options available to us than we initially imagine. I try to remember this, though all too often I forget. So I was particularly thrilled to receive this piece of indisputable evidence by email from Cousin Trudy just the other day. She wrote: “”I went to get Andy a birthday cake on Sunday morning (lame duck me never bakes them anymore) at the Co-op because I like their frosting the best. They didn't have any regular slab cakes left, only fancy little designer cakes but I asked them if they had any slab cakes hiding in the back. The guy said no and I had tragedy written all over my face - so there's a little conference behind the counter and another fellow says "well...we have this one...that didn't
get picked up yesterday..." and pulls out this crazy cake that looks like three stacked presents with a tiny plastic picture frame present on top and says
I can have it for $xx.xx instead of the $59.99 that it normally costs. So I bought it.””
Now you might think the family would object, but this was not the case. “”Trevor thought it was absolutely hilarious that I would buy someone
else's cake and that we should do that all the time.””
And what was the nature of this cake—a cake so inconsiderately abandoned? “”The top layer was green and the next was yellow (all layers are half white and half chocolate on the inside) and the bottom layer is blue. It turns your teeth blue so there's no pretending you didn't just sneak another piece of cake.””
How often do we pine for options? Out there in the world on this very day there are wives and mothers, fathers and maybe even brothers who are wondering how to show their love with the perfect birthday cake. Standing in front of bakery counters they look at the slab cakes, believe they’ve seen everything available and settle for something ordinary. More’s the pity. Just think of what wonders might be available—even deeply discounted in the back!

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