Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Who knows what forces will suffice to drive a human being forward under adverse conditions in the quest for personal betterment?

Will intrinsic motivation be enough? Maybe not.

Will spousal support and encouragement be enough? Maybe not.

Will bragging rights be enough? Maybe not.

But just in case a person might be too proud to quit after bragging …

Let it be entered into the public record that on this first day after Labour Day, this first day of the post-summer routine, I, (okay, admittedly David was there taking every step alongside me to keep me going) in the true spirit of hope and future intentions, left my bed at 4:30 AM, made the uphill trek to downtown, joined the YMCA, and did an hour’s worth of water aerobics before coming to work. And if, upon reading this, you are doubled over, seized beyond breathing by convulsions of laughter or disbelieving amazement, let it be a matter of public record that nobody could possibly be more surprised to report this than I.

But it really happened.

To do it once was a stretch.

To do it again is almost a certainty. .

To do it AS often as intended will require …

Nothing les than A MIRACLE!!!!!

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