Friday, October 23, 2009


How fun it was to find, while searching my name on the internet, a blog describing one of my all time favourite hope projects. Authored by a former family physician, HOPE 101 it describes and shows pictures of the Edmonton family medicine clinic that adopted a hope theme and implemented a new set of hope practices that started with a sincere interest in hope and changed a clinic to a place where patients and physicians could see hope.


hope101 said...

Wendy! Dude! How are you? The surprise goes two ways, it would seem, for I'm honored and touched you'd post this link.

Do you know, not a week goes by I don't think of you and the Hope Foundation. Seriously. That's how much impact you had on my life. I guess you might have known that by the fact I'm blogging about it all these years later. :)

I didn't know you kept a blog. I should have guessed as much because I know your fondness for writing. If you don't mind, I'm going to put your blog in my links.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. What a wonderful transformation!