Friday, January 29, 2010


Some days I’m a counellor. I met a man who had just found out he had only a few months to live. He came to talk about hope. His concerns were practical. How would he retain his normal composure in public? How would he modify his work to accommodate his disabilities? Who would do his work if he couldn’t do his share?
Some days I’m a learner, upgrading my competencies. A seminar leader asked us to consider what would be important to us if we’d just been told we had only a few months to live. We all said we’d forget about our work and do some things we’d always wanted to do, like learn to paint, or take the kids to Disneyland. The seminar leader clapped his hands in delight and we were proud to have given the correct answer. I wonder if he ever talked about hope with somebody who has just learned he has only a few months to live!

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