Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ruth and Derek packed for Ontario
Taking the things that newlyweds need,
Furniture, wedding gifts, kitchen gadgets,
Love and best wishes from multiple corners.

Ruth and Derek packed for Ontario
Leaving for us what they could not take.
Random papers and lockless keys,
Contact info no longer connectible
Bottles and cans redeemable for cash,
Bamboo plant and one small suitcase,
Half-tubs of cookie dough, frozen berries,
Condiments and breast of chicken,
Livestock marker and picture frame
Candle lighters and flammable fluid,
Drying flowers and table adornments,
Toilet brush and Liquid Plumber,
Laundry soap and fabric softener,
Furniture polish and window cleaner,
Dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent

Ruth and Derek live in Ontario
Building a life to last a lifetime.
And if in their absence we find ourselves lonely
Perhaps there is no need to fuss or to worry.
We can bring them close in the simplest of acts,
With email or telephone, story or photograph,
Dinner and candles and washing up after,
Laundry and cleaning in every room.
Far away by kilometre measure,
And yet, surprisingly near.

1 comment:

the wedded ones said...

Ruth and Derek sincerely apologize for leaving so much random junk behind, but are happy you have found some positive light in which to see it. Feel free to pack anything you don't want to deal with back into the small suitcase in a few short weeks!
R & D