Monday, October 10, 2011


For people with chronic pain

I wrote to the Edmonton Journal in response to their series on chronic pain. I wrote because the series was a good informational series that seemed to leave no hope at all beyond the eventual hope of a cure. In response to the letter from me to the edmonton Journal, Linda Baker wrote: Hi Wendy,
   I wanted to thank you for writing that letter about people suffering from chronic pain.  I, too, suffer from chronic pain - for 16 years now and I really
did not have any hope at all of feeling better until we moved to Edmonton and we found our wonderful doctor, Dr. Shute.  He really understood what I was
going through and didn't hesitate to offer me morphine for the pain.  He made such a difference in my life!  My hope is that there will be more research
on chronic pain and maybe some day, people will not have to suffer as they do now.  Your letter reaffirms that we shouldn't give up and there is hope for
chronic pain sufferers.  There are resources out there and we should spread the word. For too long now, we've been under-treated or not treated at all;
particularly women (it's all in our heads you know!)  My doctor in Westlock refused to have the opioid conversation with me as she asserted that I would
become addicted.  That we know is a fallacy.  We don't become addicted; we rejoin life.
Thanks again Wendy - I hope a lot of people read your letter!

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