Friday, February 20, 2009


What I would like to know today is this: Who ever thought of separating eggs and then beating the whites until stiff peaks form? Was it a farmer with a lot of extra eggs, or a really bored chemistry student? Was it a precocious five-year-old doing something his mother told him not to do—playing with eggs?
Whoever it was, I’d like to find that person. Without that person one of my favourite pies would still be searching for a topping. Without that person angel food cakes would be a lot flatter. Without that person, I would be serving an omelette for lunch instead of a cheese soufflĂ©.
So, whoever you are, I just want to say thanks for lemon meringue pie, and fluffy angel food cake, and cheese soufflĂ©. We couldn’t have made them without you.

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