Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Obama is coming to Canada this week. Mixed feelings are what I’ve got. Yes, I have noticed that Obamamania is waning a bit. But then, we expected that, and still it seems he and I ought to be scheduled for a meeting, seeing as how I am likely his biggest fan, and we both spend so much time talking about audacious hope.
I’ve checked the calendar. The Family Day Monday has thrown things off a bit, crowded Monday’s duties into the days after. A former hope scholar now living in Saskatchewan is coming by to chat about helping us with program evaluation. Tonight I’m having a hope discussion with parents of blind children. Tomorrow night we’re going to the Telus World of Science. Choir practice is on Thursday. Leslie is coming to lunch on Friday, and I really do need to set aside time to practice the story I am telling at Saturday night’s concert.
This is the bottom line. I haven’t time to fit in a visit with Obama. I just hope he won’t take it personally.

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