Sunday, June 07, 2009


I had coffee with the robins yesterday morning. Actually, Only I had coffee. They had worms.
I was sitting on the veranda, just a few feet away from the nest. . The robin parents were journeying back and forth between nest and ground. My heart went out to these busily proud new parents. I’ve read that baby robins require up to forty feedings a day. Fortunately for robin parents this frantic process only goes on for about two weeks. Yesterday was Day 1.
They fed morning snacks and kept on feeding right through the lunch hour. There were afternoon snack breaks. Fortunately Daddy robins stick around to help out. Evening came and the feding frenzy had not diminished. The guests who came to our house for Grandma’s birthday party sat in the living room gazing out the window at the robinly comings and goings. The robins turned toward the window occasionally, staring down upon the delighted on-lookers. We had the mildly uncomfortable feeling that we might be invading their privacy somehow. But then, ought not any robin wanting nesting privacy to think forty times before nesting atop a busy veranda pillar directly in front of a living room window?

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