Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Kitty: I’ve decided to cuddle in your lap. It’s cold in here.
Me: Yes, come here then. It’s hard to keep this room warm when the wind chill drops below -30.
Kitty: I haven’t seen my people in several days. Last time I saw them it was 4:45 on a Saturday morning. You were picking up their suitcases and shooing them out the door. Where did you take them, anyway?
Me: To the airport. They’ve gone to Hawaii.
Kitty: What’s Hawaii?
Me: Hawaii is a small group of far-away tropical islands with warm ocean currents, sandy beaches, gentle breezes, bananas hanging on trees, and pineapple fields.
Kitty: (snuggling down) And now I suppose you expect me to forgive you for making them go there when they could have stayed here with me!
Me: Well, I confess, I hadn’t thought of it in that way.
Kitty: (sighing in resignation) Is there no limit to the things some people will do for a cuddle from a kitty?

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