Thursday, April 07, 2011


Project turns stories of recovery into city’s hidden treasures
In this story--much longer than the exerpt quoted below--we find a fabulous way to combine modern technology and our love of treasure hunts with our ancient need to see meaning in our lives! Our saddest stories can dwell alongside a sense of fun and adventure.

”For P. Jez, Boyle Street is a symbol of her time in two different worlds.
About five years ago, she made her way to downtown looking to feed her drug habit.
Now, through Boyle Street Community Services programming, she is enrolled in a course run by the University of Alberta.
She calls herself P. Jez; she doesn’t want her real name used. She’s off the streets and looking to further her education in carpentry school.
To mark her progress, she has put an empty lighter in a small plastic container and hidden it behind a railing in a parking lot across from Boyle Street.”

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