Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I am as old as I am going to be
I hope I will still get the giggles.
I don’t mean laughter, or mild amusement,
Though certainly those will be welcome.

The giggles I hope for are unpredictable,
Unignorable, irrepressible!

The bursting-out giggles pillow-muffled at sleep-overs
When the parents cried, ”Quiet or we will separate you!”

The gulping giggles we swallowed at choir practice
When the leader begged, ”Please pay attention!”

The giggles suppressed in the silent group
When one stomach growled
And others responded
Like seabirds calling across the waves.

If aging should bring me
Disability, indignity,
It will go down more easily
When giggles assail me.

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