Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The Montreal Gazette reports that the Energizer Battery Company is changing its tag line from “keep going” to “now that’s positivenergy.”
"When we look at consumer themes and underlying universal truths, the Energizer Bunny is very well positioned to be a sign of optimism and hope,” says Kent Hatton, brand group director at Energizer Canada Inc.
With the change of tagline comes a corporate commitment to donate money to environmental causes, and a website encouraging people to support good causes and perform acts of kindness.
Only time will tell whether the Energizer Bunny can become a sign of hope and optimism. Marketing aspirations notwithstanding, the tagline transformation has a familiar ring. As one who has discussed hope with many people, I can honestly say that it is common for them to start out plodding, to keep going, taking one step at a time to cope with illness or adversity. Then, over time, a transformation occurs and they begin to gather positive energy, to join forces, and to take action.
Looking to the future, a doubtful person might accuse the company of cloaking a marketing strategy in the garb of charity. A hopeful person, on the other hand, would wait and see. It just might be possible for a company to promote its own products and do good for the world at the same time—using the symbolism and language of hope.

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