Friday, June 10, 2011


To spend ten joyful seconds celebrating the achievement of Mark David Edey above all the others in the crowd,
To hear, as an added bonus, Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera, President of the university of Alberta, give a speech on imagination. Spring Convocation June 9, 2011
She started with humour. “Your parents,” she said, “are thrilled to know that they have done at least one thing right. ... If there’s something special you’ve always wanted, now would be a good time to mention it.”
She expressed confidence. “I’m sure all of you have the imagination to navigate life, and find fulfilment by making a contribution.”
She began in the present and moved to the future. “The skills and knowledge that you leave with today will help you get started, but in the future it willl be your capacity to keep learning and to imagine a different and better future that will be more valuable than anything.”
And finally, she said “Pay attention to your imagination. Your imagination can be aforce for great good. ... Take care of your imagination. Use it freely but wisely.”
It was a great speech, the kind of thing that cheers the heart of a HOPE LADY.
Knowing that he has had enough of university for the time being, I asked Mark David Edey what he would like to learn in the future. He said he would like to learn more about the processes that help us learn to read. A fitting beginning, I thought, for an avid reader planning a career working with those for whom the easy joy of reading must all too often be a figment of imagination.
More on future wishes for Mark can be found at HAPPY GRADUATION

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