Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If you are going to move, you can move the way I would move, the big and final way. You book a truck, you pack your things, you get your keys, you get the truck, you load your things, you deliver the things, you return the truck, you unpack. Presto! You have moved.

Or you can move the way Lawrence is moving. You pack some things, you get your keys, you get your buddy to move a few things with you. Then every day after that, you move a few boxes at a time. As time goes by, you begin to do things you would do if you lived there. One day you and your buddy can sit on your couch and play video games. Another day you can invite friends over for a simple dinner. Some day you will move your bed, and then you’ll be sleeping at the new place. Today you say, “I think we can manage without getting a truck!” This is the ease-yourself-into-it way.

And from it all, there is only one logical conclusion to be made. Moving into your own place is like so many other things in life. There is more than one way to do it.

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