Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In the mix of hope and politically motivated change, there is an order of things. First we believe that something is possible, and then we engage enough people for a long enough time in the hard work of making it so.
So far the current storm of rhetoric about future seniors benefits is failing utterly to engage my hope. Personally, I hope there will be seniors benefits for my children. My children represent a broad and very picture of society. Some of them will live their adult lives as well-paid professionals. Others will earn minimum wage doing work that is important to all of us.
With our leaders scrambling for attention, it seems that I am being asked to choose between two visions. In the one vision, there are no sacrifices to be made. Then, in thirty years or so, everything will be all right. In the other, catastrophe will befall us at any moment. Neither vision engages me as a possibility worth working on. And yet, as a hopeful person, I am still waiting.
What is it that would engage my hope? I am waiting to hear what we are aiming for, an end I could believe in. And then, with that hoe planted firmly in view, I would like to hear some ideas about sacrifices we boomers need to make now so that all my children can have security as seniors. When the debate takes that direction, I think I may begin to hope, and when I hope, I seem to be more ready to work on the hard stuff.

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