Thursday, February 09, 2012


Hoepe is a personal thing. When you make a presentation about hope, people listen more quickly than you speak. In doing so, they view everything you say in context, in their own frame of reference. You start a paragraph, they finish it.
Hope, it seems is interesting to just about everybody. And so, in preparing biographical notes for up coming hope presentations to university students at Circle K, scholars in Educational Psychology 446/546, teen-age girls at Edmonton Public Schools, local people of the Lakedell Agricultural Society, patients at the Parkinson’s Society, retired teachers, grieving lunchtime learners on staff at the University of Alberta, staff at a seniors’ day program, staff at Alberta Children’s Services, and conferences for suicide prevention, Alberta College of Social Workers, and offender treatment, I offer this one statement to establish, beyond all doubt, my credibility. “wendy edey is the author of several imaginary books.”

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