Saturday, February 25, 2012


“It gives people hope about how to treat provocative subjects” Christopher Plumber

“Of course I’m near the end,” says Christopher Plumber, poised to win an OSCAR at the age of 82. “What I’m looking for now are parts where I don’t die in the end. I want to go on.” AN OSCAR NOD FOR CHRISTOPHER PLUMBER Plumber is talking about his role in Beginners, as an elderly man confessing to the world that he is gay. What a delight it is to listen to him, a man with a vision of a future in which he will fully participate.
I confess that I really needed to hear from somebody with Plumber’s attitude. I was getting a little bit depressed about all the fuss over what age we should begin the seniors benefits. I looked around and noticed all the money being spent by seniors. I wondered how we could ever get more of a commitment to invest in the future of our kids. How many trips to Florida, how many homes in Phoenix could be sacrificed without even touching the outer edge of deprivation?
Not all seniors can be expected to embrace the future with Plumber’s sense of wonder. But I do hope to age with a perspective that resembles his.

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