Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just as there are pansies for those who love the colour purple, and lilacs for those who crave a fragrant experience, so too is there a plant for those impatient souls who must see a change taking place in order to believe that it is happening.  Their plant is the Amaryllis.  There is no turning back once Amaryllis has shown the tip of her stock, declaring her intention to bloom.  Every day the stock is noticeably taller than the day before.  Every day it points its tip toward the light, then gradually switching to vertical then changing the angle if you turn the pot to point the stock away from the light.  Up, up it goes until the magic day when it bursts open to unpack the buds of the glorious red flowers to come.  A short celebration of beauty will command the attention of all who see it.  Then, in a couple of weeks the casual observer will see no noticeable sign that there ever was a flower stock. 


A recovering shoulder is a study for us impatient souls who must see a change in order to believe that it is taking place.  One day you can touch the kitchen counter top, then the toaster top, then the coffee maker top, then the plate shelf, then the juice glass shelf.  One day an index finger can trail the edge of the third shelf up, the next it can extend an inch over the surface.  And the arm will turn in the direction in which it is pointed, so it must be pointed in another direction, the hurting direction to turn it there as well. 


And you just can’t help but wonder, does the Amaryllis feel the tug when you turn the pot?



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