Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mornings fine me taking the train across to the river to work. Sometimes, though rarely, I come upon Rachel, leaving the station and we walk the final block together. Usually, if it happens at all, it happens in the moment that we leave the train, but this morning she was waiting for me at the top of the escalator.
Had she noticed me? No. A stranger had stopped her and reported having sighted me leaving the train.
And herein lies the opportunity for multiple perspectives. Will it be sympathy for poor Rachel, deprived of the right to walk to work alone? Will it be creepiness at realization that one’s routine comings and goings are not, after all, of no interest to strangers? Or will it be gratitude at the kindness shown by others in a world where it’s easy enough to gather evidence of social indifference?
What would a hopeful person think?

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Dorothy said...

Wendy: I just enjoyed a "TED" lecture related to your experience: Nicholas Christakis explores how the large-scale, face-to-face social networks in which we are embedded affect our lives; I highly recommend the video - great food for thought.