Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hanna Sinclair left a comment for THE HOPE LADY Blog. I saw in shortly after 6;00 AM. It was a comment addressed to a post posted 9 months ago, a story about a junior high teacher I remember, Eric Cardinall.
Hanna is his granddaughter. She writes: ”Thank you for the lovely words about my grandfather (or "Grumps" as he nicknamed himself) Eric Cardinall. While this took place years before
I was born, and in a setting different to the ones I knew him in, your anecdotes describe the man I knew. I am so glad to hear he had an effect on his
students, and that he is remembered by some of them so many years later.”
We live in a connected world. There are drawbacks, to be sure. But waking up to discover that I have inadvertently added a puzzle piece in Hanna’s history makes me grateful to be here.

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