Thursday, May 13, 2010


I like robins
Because they are complicated.

Robins have bad judgment.
I like the way they arrive too early to miss the Alberta snow.

Robins do impossible things.
I like the way they start singing around 3:30 (who among us can get out of bed after a good sleep and start singing at 3:30?)

Robins have nerve.
I like the way they start a nest right beside the veranda table we sit at every day and then dare us to move.

Robins know how to compromise.
I like the way they decide to keep their nest in place when they notice that we’re still going to sit there every day.

Robins cheer me up.
Even when I don’t want to be cheered up, I like that.

Robins surprise me.
And it could just be that my very favourite thing about robins
Happened yesterday, when I was listening
To a recording of a counselling session
Made here at Hope House the day before.

Outside my window a robin sang.
On the recording that same robin sang.
Background music
Robin in stereo.
What finer music has there ever been?

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