Saturday, October 30, 2010


And here’s a quote fit for a HOPE LADY

Better Health Is Key To National Health Care Problems

That's the message Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti plans to spread across the country as he begins his two-year presidency of the Royal College, a national
not-for-profit organization based in Ottawa that aims to improve the health of Canadians by maintaining high standards in specialty medical education.

"Health care is such a mess across the country," said Francescutti, who was born in Montreal but now practises emergency medicine and preventive medicine
in Edmonton. "We spend $184 billion a year on health care in Canada and nowhere is it the way it should be."

For starters, he said, people and even health-care providers are brainwashed into thinking that what makes people healthy is health care. He believes that
couldn't be further from the truth.

"What really makes people healthy is literacy, education, strong social support networks and a sense of hope," he said in an interview Thursday from Edmonton.

And THE HOPE LADY asks: How can we turn Dr. Francescutti’s interest toard the practical application of hope?

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