Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It’s summer and there’s some time to reflect on how things have been going. I’ve been looking at this blog and thinking about how mixed up my life gets, the personal and the professional. Others talk about boundaries, but my life seems to be more of a unified whole.
From a personal perspective, this blog has been about the wedding. We talk about the wedding every day. It fills our thoughts.
At work, however, it’s been about running hope and strengths groups for different populations, people with chronic pain, parents of children who reported sexual abuse, parents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder—FASD. Sometimes at work the boundaries are clear, and sometimes they are not so clear. The FASD work is an example of the not-so-clear. And yet I cannot help but believe that it has a place in the professional world. Interestingly, it has been the easiest work to publish. You can find it in the AASCF Research Journal Volume 2 Spring 2010
That piece builds on a personal piece written earlier for publication by the FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan in Living with FASD Spring 2010

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