Wednesday, July 07, 2010


And the groom, sweltering in the Ontario heat said, “Do you think that, in the week after the wedding, when we’re unpacking everything into the new house, if it’s really really hot, we could take a break and go swimming in our pool?”
And the bride--rushing through her last few days here in Edmonton where the weather is so unreliable that a pool would seem utterly ridiculous, exhausted from months of finishing her thesis, choosing wedding facilities, talking to photographers, selecting flowers, selling her house, choosing a new house on the web, packing up her classroom, moving the classroom stuff to her house, packing up her house, dealing with banks, going to bridal showers, writing thank-you cards, and dealing with a million zillion wedding details with a determination suggesting that any one detail is as essential as life itself--projected herself into the future and replied: “You know, I just really want to get everything unpacked.”
And the mother of the bride had a good laugh—along with the bride. Proof positive that humour is more powerful than fatigue.
Could it be that the bride has no idea how hot it gets in Ontario?

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