Sunday, July 18, 2010


Are they Married yet?
Definitely! The act of commitment was ably and lovingly guided by Pastor Bob who made certain that each of the partners would speak their vows clearly into the microphone, thereby making it possible for everyone to hear what they said. Pastor Bob knows what really matters at a wedding.

Did the mother of the bride cry?
Yes, but only at the rehearsal.

How was the cake?

At what hour did the mother of the bride trade her pretty shoes for comfortable shoes?
6:46 PM (approximately 7 hours before she arrived home). The shoes are now in the charity box. They’ll soon be gone forever.

Who helped make the occasion a success?
So many people helped hugely with the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, the dance, the pictures, the flowers and the next-day barbecue in the park that it would be impossible to name them! And then there are the ones who helped in medium and small ways!

Where are the bride and groom now?
In Kelowna, at least that’s where they said they were going.

How are the parents of the bride spending this day?
Saying farewell to relatives, doing laundrey, eating leftovers and counting their blessings. Later today they might book air tickets to Guelph. It will be fun to look ahead to their first few nights of sleep in the couple’s guest room. But before that time arrives there’s work to do, holidays to take, gardens to tend, and a little bit of sleep to catch up on.

What is the mother of the bride going to write about now that the wedding is over?

GOOD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did the mother of the bride actually say to the crowd at the reception?

Hard to say exactly, but this is what she wrote to say.
One night last February, Derek called David and me to tell us he would be celebrating Lupercalia by proposing to Ruth. Lupercalia was a very ancient Roman pastoral fertility festival observed on February 15. The Romans drove out evil spirits by sacrificing two goats and adog. Now this might not be your idea of a romantic day for a marriage proposal, especially from an animal welfare guy. Derek was planning for Valentine’s Day, until Ruth said that the meaning of Valentine’s Day had been completely overshadowed by commercialism guided by a conspiracy of profit. He wanted us to be happy about the proposal, and I guess he didn’t feel he’d said enough over the phone, because the next day we received this follow-up email.
“Something that I forgot to say last night when I had no idea what to say last night, was something that should never EVER go without saying, least of all last night. That is, WHY I want to talk to Ruth about spending the rest of our whole entire lives together. As you both know, she is sensitive and thoughtful, caring and intelligent. she is special. But she also just makes me want to be a better person and I already am a better person with her in my life. I respect her. I admire her. I look-up to her. She makes me want to have a family. I want her to be my wife and to be my partner for life. I want to go through the rest of my days knowing her and being close to her. And these are just some of the things that come to mind but words are sometimes hard to find ..” Signed, Derek
What more could we wish for Ruth than to find a partner who would send such a note to her family. Derek, you sure have made it easy for us to love you.

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